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Meet Bullhorn

Meet Bullhorn

Bullhorn isn’t for everyone.

That is okay. We know who we are, and we are serious about preserving what we have created. These are our Core Values, our moral compass. They are who we are. Staying focused on our values is how we are able to do good work for people; how we are able to create the world in which we want to live.

Empathy + Honesty

We are empathetic with each other. We understand that we all publicly or privately deal with difficult things. The fact is that our work is one of the main ways we will spend our time. That time should be productive. It should mean something.

We empathize with our clients. We are asking them to do difficult things. We are asking them to do things they don’t understand. Things that are scary. And we are honest because it deepens trust and makes the way for greater empathy. And, ultimately, better work.

Dissatisfaction + Improvement

There are some people who don’t notice the broken things in the world. The inconsistencies, the ugly things, the things that cause friction. There are others who notice but don’t do anything about them. We notice.

They fuel our urge for improvement. For making an organization look better. For making a phrase sound right. For making a process work smoothly. For changing an entire culture. We are the princess who feels the damn pea under all those mattresses and has to get up and do something about it.

Creativity + Decisiveness

Humans are creative. It is in our DNA. We are born into it. Many of our institutions go to considerable length to suppress creativity. But at Bullhorn you will be expected to bring your full creative capacity to bear on whatever task you face. It is required.

And you must combine creativity with decisiveness. Make a choice; put it out there. Make another. And another. Iterate. Be willing to look simple. Stupid. The true enemy of creativity is indecision.

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