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Busyness Can Feel Blurry

Busyness Can Feel Blurry
This year has gone by fast. Busyness can feel blurry. But it can also feel purposeful. We entered 2021 with high expectations and lofty dreams. We tried new things and met some big milestones along the way.

We pulled off the distributed workforce band-aid and hired an additional remote teammate (and some interns). We welcomed three kids, five dogs, and a litter of foster kittens. We started kindergarten, lost our first teeth, and graduated college. We rode bikes together and learned to say “pitch” instead of “field.” We worked on eight naming projects and partnered with eleven start-ups. We pondered how to package steak and write about cake. We even figured out what Coolscupting is and witnessed a hotel transform. We recertified as a B Corp. And we made a lot of websites.

We closed some doors and grew because of it. And we plan to keep growing and challenging ourselves to think differently, get better, and get out there more. We are ready to clarify our impact and help others do the same.

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