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VanMeter James: Curating Memorable Experiences with Steak

Close your eyes and picture the best meal you ever had. You probably remember the tangible details: the melt-in-your-mouth first bite, the perfect forkful of sweet and salty, a surprising flavor. But more than that, you probably remember where you were, what the setting looked and felt like, the company surrounding you. It was an occasion, an experience forever imprinted in your history.

VanMeter James came to us with a desire to inspire your next occasion — even if that occasion is a just-because Thursday night. And they wanted to start with a cut of steak. It signals tradition. But it also tells a story. How do you transform something classic into something memorable? We partnered with VanMeter James to help them stand out and connect with an audience seeking something better, something different, something luxurious.

We started with developing a provocative, confident, and empowering voice that helps people connect over meals — the kind of meals that become lore for years to come. We created a visual identity opposite of modest — suggesting customers go all out and come away with a story to tell. Using inspiration from Dutch still lives, we curated a tactile, hedonistic photo set — a luxurious display of decadence. Hand-dipped marbled textures add depth and hint at a steak’s high quality. Paired with a logo replicating the founder’s handwriting, VanMeter James aims to deliver true taste to your table.

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