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The Business and Education Network: Non-Profit Coalition

The Business and Education Network was born of an observation that, one: industry can only grow in pace with the skilled workforce available and, two: graduating students are a meaningful – and largely untapped – resource to fulfill that need. Working with community partners in both sectors, the organization develops initiatives addressing specific current and projected workforce needs in Central Kentucky. In the past, the initiatives have been the most visible face of the organization. But, as the impact of these initiatives increases, The Business and Education Network’s platform also grows. We teamed up with their folks at a pivotal moment, taking the organization out of the backdrop of its initiatives and positioning it as the transformational force it is.

The Business and Education Network

We quickly learned that at the core of this organization is a fundamental belief in the power of working together. Everything they do stems from listening, collaborating, connecting with partners in schools, business, and the community. The language is confident and action-oriented. We created a simple and powerful logo born of that belief. And in its simplicity, it lives well alongside partner logos. As the symbol animates, it builds out to represent growth and innovation. We also designed them a new website, a resource for stakeholders. With these tools, The Business and Education Network is equipped to amplify their mission: to collaborate, innovate, and ultimately, elevate.

The Business and Education NetworkThe Business and Education Network
The Business and Education Network
The Business and Education Network

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