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Stockton: Mortgages Made Personal

Finding the right house requires some serious personal calculus. Does it have a big enough kitchen to host Thanksgiving? How close is it to your kid’s school? Is it convenient for both you and your partner to drive to work? When you finally find a good fit, that’s when the real calculus (or at least some intense math) begins. Having someone you trust help you navigate through the mortgage process can give you confidence in the outcome and get you home faster.

Stockton Mortgage understands the emotional rollercoaster of home-finding and home-buying. Their holistic perspective, combined with a vast network of loan officers, has taken their business from local to multi-regional operation. They needed a website to keep up with the growth and make the process even easier for prospective customers and loan officers alike.

We partnered with Stockton Mortgage to help grow their brand alongside their business. We refined the visual identity and paired it with a friendly, assuring voice and foundational language. Then, we applied their fresh brand to a new website.

The website needed to work for current and prospective customers, the network of loan officers, and home office operations. For prospective customers, we built a loan calculator to make it easy for first-time buyers and current homeowners to assess their options when looking to refinance. Loan officers each have a page that functions as a microsite, making it easy to connect and share information with potential customers. Then we built a ‘find a loan officer’ map that connects homebuyers to their local Stockton loan officer.

Stockton Mortgage is growing quickly. Their refreshed brand and new website give them the tools to keep up and to grow successfully.

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