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Otala: Transforming Energy Infrastructure

Some brands are born whole, a complete vision of the future. Some unveil themselves over time, requiring patience, nurturing, and one good decision following the last. Otala is the latter. We worked with the team to transform the unveiling into a compelling brand, gathering momentum with each addition.

Otala website design

The Ashley Street Power House was built on the banks of the Mississippi River in 1902. It powered the St. Louis central business district faithfully, first as a coal-fired plant and later as an oil-fired plant. In August 2017, Ashley Energy acquired the facility and led a transition to thermal energy co-generation. We worked with an entrepreneur interested in clean energy to build a comprehensive brand identity for a reimagined Ashley Energy. But, that was only the first step.

After leading the transition to thermal energy, the team saw a need for better hardware. They purchased Dorsett Technologies, a leading provider of automated supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, systems. We led a transition to Dorsett Controls to better reflect their vital, modern role as a SCADA provider. We also developed a visual and verbal identity and website to match their work: confident, modern, smart.

Hardware was a piece, but there was still a gap. Confluent Power solves a long-standing problem in renewable energy markets. When markets fluctuate, energy retailers or generators suffer. The peaks and valleys cause instability and make growth difficult. Confluent, though, is a gen-tailer — they generate renewable power and deliver it to homes and businesses. We worked with their team to create the name. Confluent represents coming together — generators and consumers, raw energy and electricity. The visual identity is bright and bold, applied to a streamlined website to help refine a complex message.

Otala brand architecture diagram

At this point, we realized the companies had a lot to offer together. Otala is the connective tissue, the umbrella that enables large-scale clean energy infrastructure projects. It’s a vision of growth, energy efficiency, and stability. We created the name. Otala is short and memorable, the genus of one of the most energy-efficient animals. Building on the name, we created a streamlined brand identity to match. The website distills its story into a singular mission: we solve complex problems to power a more sustainable future.

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