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Lexington Clinic was founded in 1920. They are Kentucky’s largest and oldest medical group, with over 200 providers and 30 specialties. They brought the region’s first pathologist, radiologist, urologist. The first cardiac care unit. But over time, the association of the word clinic shifted from alignment with progressive, holistic care to a smaller, localized connotation of the word. As they approached their centennial, we teamed up to reacquaint the organization to the region.

We started the creative process with our research phase. We conducted focus groups with employees, current patients, and potential customers. We also collected surveys from across the state. Brand recognition was high, but an understanding of the breadth of services was a significant opportunity. This became the foundation for our strategy. A successful rebrand would nod to the past while demonstrating present capabilities and forward momentum. We created a consistent, vibrant visual identity, a sonic brand, and a launch campaign for tv and social media. We also developed a system for signage, business cards, and other collateral to create consistency. At the end of the project, the rebrand was a reinvigoration, but it was also more than that. It was a tool to begin telling the story of the next 100 years.

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