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LBX Company

LBX Company is the maker of Link-Belt Excavators. A versatile machine used across North and South America on construction sites, on roadways, in the woods, and in recycling facilities. We were tasked with highlighting that versatility and launching a new global website.

We focused on the company’s real differentiator: their people. Through numerous interviews and scouting trips, we kept hearing stories of their customer service team and dealers going above and beyond for the customer. The new website needed to highlight the machines and introduce users to the people behind the machine. With updated videos and photos, the new website is visually engaging and easier to navigate. It demonstrates the agility of the machine and the network of support behind it – exactly what you get when you buy a Link-Belt Excavator.

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LBX Company
LBX Company

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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
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Website Design
Website Development
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Photo Art Direction
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