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There is a term in psychology called overchoice. You may have heard it called the paradox of choice, or maybe analysis paralysis. It describes the point at which having more options makes it harder to decide, not easier. Like the salad dressing aisle. Does having 175 oil-and-vinegar mixtures to choose from yield a better choice? Do we feel happier with our choice? According to science, no.

In a lot of ways, the direct-to-consumer glasses industry is like salad dressing. Except in this case, you have more than an unlimited choice of frames. You also have a rapidly proliferating field of vendors to navigate. Glasses become part of how people see you. They are also how you maneuver the world. Size, look, fit, and feel are all important. How do you build an online brand that cuts through?

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Korrect Optical has been in the eyewear business for decades. From brick-and-mortar exam and fitting shops to start-to-finish frames manufacturing, they know eyewear. Their team saw the crowded market and recognized an opportunity to provide clarity. They would build a digestible, curated collection, all manufactured at their facility in the United States. A choice that is easier to make and that you can feel good about.

We helped them build a brand that speaks to that ethos. The name, Gumption Glasses, suggests an empowering attitude. Unapologetic, values-based language and functional design don’t engage with the race-to-the-bottom-line industry dynamic. Instead, the focus is on building something more meaningful: Glasses with a point of view.

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