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Fooji: Connecting brands with fans

Brands and their fans are closer than ever before — sort of. Digital spaces have forged new, continuous paths and opportunities for engagement. Which translates to a constant stream of communication (read: more noise). Fooji partners with brands to help them break through the noise and deliver the kind of connection their fans crave right to their door.

Giveaways intended to drive engagement aren’t new, but Fooji’s unique approach is. Fooji understands that pairing social conversation with a quick timeframe creates instant gratification with a big payoff. And they’ve been doing this for the better part of a decade. They are creating bigger campaigns, in more markets, with more capabilities than ever. But their brand — created when they were a scrappy startup — needed to catch up. And Fooji needed to communicate their value in a way that simplifies the complex, that lands their offerings at the top of clients’ minds. They engaged us to build a brand to grow with them while still embracing their successful (and playful) past.

Getting to the heart of it

First things first. We got to know Fooji’s first love: heart eyes. We conducted brand workshops, interviewed key stakeholders, and dove deep into the world of brand experiences and giveaways. We even found out what Fooji (if a character) would be like on a blind date. We learned that their team is filled with problem-solvers who think on their feet and love a challenge. They are uniquely situated as a B2B2C company — cultivating relationships with brands and fans. And though everyone had a soft spot for the heart eyes emoji logo and motif, it was really the fun-loving, energetic spirit it evoked that needed to carry through to the new Fooji identity.

Simplifying with strategy

Our strategy was to uncomplicate — speak directly to the mission, with language brands and fans understand and resonate with. Streamline components of the visual identity. Clarify the path toward client partnership.

We built an identity that balanced playfulness and sophistication. The paper airplane symbolizes delivering delight and subtly nods back to heart eyes. The saturated, vibrant colors are contemporary and confident. Animated, the paper airplane pathways give flexibility and life to the identity in digital spaces. Similarly, the voice brings a lighthearted maturity. We shed industry jargon where we could, helping Fooji carve out a space only they occupy.

Creating a cohesive naming system

As we worked toward a new identity, Fooji was also working toward expanding their offerings. There was the classic Fooji offering: a partnership building campaigns from ideation through procurement, delivery, and customer service. The new product, a self-managed platform, would allow clients to run campaigns all on their own. Then, they solidified services they already provided as standalone offerings: a logistics network and in-person pop-up experience in specific markets. We helped name the classic offering (now Fanfare), the new product (Crowdsail), the logistics network (Doorstep), and experience centers (Storefront). More to come on naming products.

Launching with gusto

Then, we (literally) animated their new identity across a new website. The goal for the new site was to build a user-centric experience that would be a tool for their team and current and future clients. Still focusing on our strategy of uncomplicating, we developed a simple navigation for clients to understand the capabilities and select products. With a team of partners, we helped launch Fooji’s new brand and site with intention and an eye on the road ahead.


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