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Cake is a marketplace for insurance agents. It’s a new option to invest, to spend, to maximize their lives — and keep running their business. By partnering with Cake, agents connect with potential buyers that will give them money for a slice of their accounts. It’s a way to unlock value. And feel good about the future.

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The founders of Cake approached us to help them bring their brand to life. When working with a startup, we focus more than usual on first introductions and defining the audience. We were thoughtful about the voice and tones that amplify Cake’s purpose and instill trust — which can be challenging for a new brand. We outlined a brand voice to channel a feeling of opportunity, of something rewarding and empowering. It is confident, candid, and aspirational.

Cake Branding Mobile Design

Startups also need websites that are easy to navigate, easy to understand. We developed a streamlined user experience, focusing on mapping and connecting third-party platforms to make communicating with Cake feel more personal than robotic. And the color yellow conveys trust and confidence, juxtaposing the typical blues we see in the insurance world.

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