Cadre - Bullhorn

Cadre: Commercial Real Estate Investing


Cadre was a successful start-up when they hired us. Very successful. Combining the money invested in the company with the money invested in properties, they had raised around $800 million for their digital investment platform. They were successful because they were a group of financial and real estate insiders who could talk compellingly to other insiders. However, communicating their value to the broader market was a challenge.

The first step in the project was to humanize the Cadre voice. We worked with their leaders to articulate why they were in business through their values. We also worked with them to create more robust customer profiles. Their customers had different vocabularies and were seeking different things in real estate investing. We took the new language and paired it with real photos of people and properties to make the intangible feel more real. We helped them clarify their value to each segment and communicate it effectively on their website, on digital advertising, and on long-form white papers.


Scope of Work
Brand Strategy
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Brand Language
Website Design
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Digital Advertising
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