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Tilia: Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing

Wealth changes things. Investments drive our economy, affect how we treat the environment, and influence our politics. The industry has a bad rap, not without reason. But wealth can also create positive change. Investing with purpose can produce more resilient communities and a more equitable future for all of us.

Tilia is a family office that believes wealth should help and not hurt. With deep multigenerational roots, they are branching out to generate impact through ESG investing, philanthropy, and education. To push towards sustainability, bridge the wealth gap, and create better access to healthcare and food.

We wanted to help Tilia make an introduction, tell their story, and catalyze a broader movement of ESG investors. We started with naming, exploring their roots and the future they hope to cultivate. They came to us with a few options in mind, and we provided landscape research and strategic recommendations. One of those names felt like a perfect fit.

Tilia Brand Print Ad DesignTilia Impact Brand Website DesignTiliaTilia Impact Brand Website Design

In the Tilia genus of trees, a strong trunk stands pillar-like while branches divide outward to provide shade and nectar. The brand identity speaks to this inspiration, to the experience of multiple generations working towards one goal. Foundational language introduces Tilia and its investment philosophy. And to start the conversation, we built a website that will grow alongside the brand. Focused, determined, hopeful. Ready to make change.

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