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Whether you realize it or not, you probably know someone struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). In the United States, over 23 million people — 1 in 3 families — wrestle with SUDs. Addiction is a disease that affects your mind and your body. It physically changes your brain. And it can’t be cured. Public and private solutions to this crisis have presented further barriers to recovery.

In 2010, 85% of the US prison population was incarcerated for substance-related reasons. Over half were diagnosed with SUDs. And then there’s also the more recent opioid crisis. The government spends over $700 billion annually to stop-gap healthcare, criminal justice, and productivity loss due to substance use. None of this money goes towards investing in better prevention or treatment. This is a big problem.

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There is also the largely privatized recovery industry. Companies, whose decision-makers and profiters have little to no experience with SUDs, have identified a highly profitable market selling resort-like centers to this vulnerable population. By the time treatment is a person’s only remaining option, the stakes are high for finding the best care. Of the 10% of people who receive treatment, statistics suggest that up to 90% will relapse in the first year.

But despite all of these hurdles, recovery is possible.

The founders of Roaring Brook are living proof. They each sought help in overcrowded, underfunded, inadequate facilities. They relapsed. And relapsed again. And finally, found sure footing. Then they stepped up and poured their hearts into filling this need with a new type of recovery center.

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Recovery is not easy. But the Roaring Brook team will tell you that life in recovery is worth it. Their treatment program is centered around the individual and backed by science. They understood the importance of other details: prioritized space for fellowship and connection, expansive windows for natural light, and the entire staff with firsthand experience with SUDs.

We helped them build and launch a brand that confronts the lived realities of this disease while channeling the founders’ contagious passion and vision of hope and fullness of life. The Roaring Brook voice is direct, but empathetic. Hopeful and honest.

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