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Retirement is one of life’s most significant transitions. Some of us worry about it early and regularly, and some don’t want to think about it until we have to. It’s stressful. The near-endless possibilities make it difficult. Simultaneously, the retirement landscape is changing. People are living longer, and traditional products are not as viable as they once were. Advisors need assurance that they have access to the best products so that clients can retire with confidence.

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RetireOne is a platform connecting financial advisors to products that best fit their clients. Providing the best annuity products on the market (including their own CDA, Constance), RetireOne is changing the industry for the better. But, communicating all that they are — a platform, a product, and, most importantly, a partner — is a challenge in a complicated and fast-moving environment. We partnered with their team to breathe life into a staid industry and build trust with advisors and clients through a reinvigorated brand identity.

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We began by getting to know the company from all perspectives. We talked to team members across the company, clients, and partners. We learned that new and changing retirement products can be stressful and confusing — even for advisors. But when advisors feel confident, so do their clients. This challenge informed our strategic approach for the new brand identity: be a bold, human partner.

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We built a verbal identity that felt smart but approachable, helpful and clear. The voice exudes a friendly expertise, a willingness to go the extra mile.The visual identity steered clear of retirement industry cliches: soft color palettes, imagery of people walking along the beach. It is vibrant, focused, and flexible. The logotype can be applied by itself, or in a lock up with Constance and future RetireOne products.

The new website provides a user-centric experience to match clients to products as easy as possible. Together with updated sales material, decks, and other digital assets, the RetireOne team is prepared to build more connections, and ultimately, put retirement in reach for more people.

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