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Fresh Bourbon: A New Take on a Classic

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When it comes to bourbon, the options are endless. It’s intimidating. The industry can feel exclusive with overly complicated suggestions for drinking your bourbon. And, if you know a lot about bourbon, you can add enthusiast, aficionado, or steward to your list of skills. But what about those who want to try it for the first time? Where do you start?

Founders Sean and Tia Edwards decided to bring a fresh take on a classic. They are the first African Americans to make Kentucky bourbon since slavery. They approach things differently. they developed Fresh Bourbon for everyone, for first-tasters and tastemakers. The founders came to us for help telling their story, to empower them with language to break away from the stereotypes often associated with the bourbon industry.

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We met with the entire team around a table. We asked them to describe their dreams, their best qualities, their ideal customer. We listened to what makes them most proud and what feels difficult. We heard what drives them to do what they do.

We learned that bringing different perspectives together creates something revolutionary. It’s not just about quality bourbon. It’s about the experience, the approachability — opening the door for everyone to try, to have a fresh perspective. The bourbon doesn’t define sophistication. The consumer does.

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We developed a brand voice that is approachable, confident, and original. Their core values define them, are actionable reminders of their purpose: never waver, make room to explore, bourbon is for everyone, expertise is for sharing. And other pieces of foundational language capture their stylish essence, expertise, and accessibility.

Fresh Bourbon doesn’t need instructions. Drink it neat or let it shine in a cocktail. Choose your glass, your company, your venue. Most of all, enjoy it — exactly the way you like it.

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