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Fayette Alliance: Land Use Advocacy

An Identity for the Fayette Alliance By Bullhorn Creative

The Fayette Alliance is a land-use lobby. They were founded to keep the urban service boundary intact. The urban service boundary protects the signature rural farmland around the city, and promotes the infill needed to encourage continued vibrancy. Since the boundary’s initial success, the Fayette Alliance has worked on numerous issues that help to grow the city and protect the surrounding farmland. The challenge is that it is a complex message that the average person doesn’t know or care about.

We had the chance to help the average person understand the work and engage with it. We designed a visual identity and accompanying merchandise to clarify and spread their message. We also produced a series of videos that told the story to different audiences – from potential funders to engaged citizens. We also designed a website to serve as the hub of their online presence. It is the go-to place for current information on local policy and governance issues. The work balance the professionalism of the organization with the passion that makes them so good at what they do.

An Identity for the Fayette Alliance By Bullhorn Creative
Fayette Alliance

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