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CRCKY: Helping Immigrant Families

CRC KY Impact Branding Billboard

The Community Response Coalition of Kentucky (CRCKY) believes that a good community helps its neighbors. The nonprofit organization provides support to families negatively affected by immigration enforcement in Central Kentucky. And right now, they are working hard to assist immigrant families who don’t qualify for government assistance and have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are helping with basic needs, such as access to food and the handling of everyday bills.

CRC KY Impact Branding Digital Banner

As we dig deeper into our role as a social impact agency, we understand the value of sustainable communities. And we also believe in helping our neighbors. We partnered with CRCKY to refresh their visual identity. To show their strength and bold determination to take care of their immigrant friends and neighbors. Inspired by their diverse community of unique perspectives, five of our designers participated in a design sprint. When you set a timer, we learned that you only have to create — on a gut feeling and some passion. We better comprehend how several different perspectives can create something powerful.

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