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Most people view civics as a detached concept. A high school class or, more likely, a few days of a high school class. S. Brandon Coan does not. He founded Applied Civics to forge effective, responsible relationships between corporations and communities. He consults on legislation and rulemaking, land use, economic development, and public-private partnerships. He’s part lawyer and part lobbyist with an unwavering belief in the power of good faith and common goals. And after four years as a Louisville metro council member, he was ready to make a reintroduction.

Applied Civics Community Affairs Impact Brand Mobile Website Design

Our partnership was an exercise in trust. We created a visual identity to match Brandon’s bold vision. Repeating blocks nod to collaboration and the hard work of building something to last. Uppercase type that is rugged and determined reflects their form, like puzzle pieces in place. The website brings additional energy, but it is not the end of the conversation. It’s only the first handshake.

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